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Children's Mental Health Matters

A monthly column from the Bureau of Children’s Behavioral Health Services

In these columns, John Biever, M.D. and Gordon R. Hodas, M.D., child psychiatric consultants to the children’s bureau, will each address contemporary issues of children’s mental health and wellness with the goal of supporting children and adolescents and their families and helping children’s mental health practitioners be more empowering. Dr. Biever’s columns will focus on issues related to early childhood, and Dr. Hodas will focus on a range of issues involving children, adolescents, and families.

Children’s Mental Health Matters, by Gordon R. Hodas, MD

Number 52, October 2016, "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Systems of Care: Intervention at a Higher Level"

Number 51, September 2016, "A Simple Distinction: Being Strengths-Based or Not"

Number 50, August 2016, "The Impact of Trauma on Youth: Realities and Implications for Intervention"

Number 49, July 2016, "Decreasing Urban Neighborhod Violence: The Potential Role of Community Greenspace"

Number 48, June 2016, "Media, Mental Health, and Family Therapy"

Number 47, May 2016, "Youth Suicidality: Understanding Patters From Adolescence Through Young Adulthood"

Number 46, April 2016, "Trauma-informed Care: Asking the Right Questions"

Number 45, March 2016, "Reflection in Mental Health and the Role of Trauma-Informed Care"

Number 44, February 2016, "Treating children with Mental Health Disorders: Meds Don't Come First"

Number 43, January 2016, "Positive Attachment Can Help Prevent Callous-Unemotional Traits"

Number 42, December 2015, "Stop and Think: A Tool to Promote Positive Coping"

Number 41, November 2015, "Exercise Promotes Youth Resilience and Mental Health"

Number 40, October 2015, "A Book Review: The Social Determinants of Mental Health"

Number 39, September 2015, "Is Empathy Actually a Choice?"

Number 38, August 2015, "The Promise of Psychiatry’s Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) Project"

Number 37, July 2015, "The Feel-good Gene and Beyond"

Number 36, June 2015, "Why Trauma-Informed Care for Youth and Families Matters"

Number 35, May 2015, "How Common Are Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)"

Number 34, April 2015, "Enhancing Youth and Family Engagement in School Mental Health"

Number 33, March 2015, "Relationships Make a Difference: The Bucharest Early Intervention Project"

Number 32, February 2015, "The Child with Challenging Behavior: Won’t vs. Can’t"

Number 31, January 2015, "Common Factors: The Foundation for Mental Health and Human Services"

Number 30, December 2014, "Resilience and How It Works"

Number 29, November 2014, "Promoting Attachment-Based Parenting"

Number 28, October 2014, "Children’s Mental Health and Human Services Are Succeeding: Here’s Why"

Number 27, September 2014, "Trauma-informed Principles as a Source of Validation for Human Service Professionals"

Number 26, August 2014, "Robin Williams: The Pain Behind the Laughter"

Number 25, July 2014, "Restoring Hopefulness in Youth"

Number 24, June 2014, "A Simple Proposal to Reduce Adolescent Self-Stigma"

Number 23, May 2014, "Reducing Youth Self-Harm: Insights from Current Clinical Research"

Number 22, April 2014, "Engaging Youth: Personal Thoughts on Professional Practice, Part 2"

Number 21, March 2014, "Engaging Youth: Personal Thoughts on Professional Practice, Part I"

Number 20, February 2014, "Patient Satisfaction in Behavioral Health as Part of Quality of Care"

Number  19, January 2014, "A Fifty-Year Update on Cigarette Smoking by Youth and Young Adults"

Number 18, December 2013, "System-Induced Trauma: What It Is and How to Prevent It"

November 17, November 2013, "Disrespect and Violence: The Need for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention”

Number 16, October 2013, "Making a Difference: Youth and Young Adult Perspectives"

Number 15, September 2013, "Improving Residential Treatment Facilities (RTFs): Youth Voice and the Building Bridges Initiative"

Number 14, August 2013, "DSM-5 and Trauma: What Are the Critical Changes?"

Number 13, July 2013, "A Book Review: How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character" by Paul Tough

Number 12, June 2013, "Current Research in Autism: Future Directions"

Number 11, May 2013, "Advocacy for Children’s Mental Health"

Number 10, April 2013, “The Trauma-Informed Checklist"

Number 9, March 2013, "Decreasing Stigma and Prejudice: The Associated Press Steps Up"

Number 8, February 2013, “Outcome Determination as a Way of Empowering Youth, Families and Communities"

Number 7, January 2013, "Moving Beyond Violence: Creating Safer Communities"

Number 6, December 2012, "Remaining Grounded Therapeutically"

Number 5, November 2012, "Childhood Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care, Part II: From ‘Trauma-Infirmed’ to ‘Trauma-Informed’"

Number 4, October 2012, "A Primer on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care, Part 1”

                More information and resources on Trauma-Informed Care

Number 3, September 2012, “Addressing the Challenge of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder” 

Number 2, August 2012, "Psychotropic Medication in Foster Care: Understanding the Youth Voice"

Number 1, July 2012, "Learning From Josh Shipp and the Youth Voice"

Early Childhood Matters, by John Biever, MD

Number 41, January 2017, "Why Is Father Important?"

Number 40, December 2016, "Becoming a Member of the Parent-Infant Team"

Number 39, November 2016, "In-tune-ition”: Tuning In to Baby’s Unspoken Language"

Number 38, October 2016, "The Great Paradox of Secure Attachment"

Number 37, September 2016, "Previewing”: the Key to Your Infant’s Development"

Number 36, August 2016, "Making Music With Baby: Why It's So Important"

Number 35, July 2016, "Keeping the Bough Sturdy: Supporting Mother in the Early Days"

Number 34, June 2016, "Readings for Your Parental Wisdom: Brain-based Parenting: The Neuroscience of Caregiving for Healthy Attachment"

Number 33, May 2016, "Preparing Baby for a Life Free of Opiod Abuse"

Number 32, April 2016, "Baby, Momma, and the Presidential Campaign"

Number 31, March 2016, "Discipline - and When Does It Begin?"

Number 30, February 2016, "Attachment Style: What Is It and Why Is It So Important? Part III: On the Way to Attachment Security"

Number 29, January 2016, "Attachment Style: What Is It and Why Is It So Important? Part II: Recognizing an Insecure Attachment Style"

Number 28, September 2015, "Attachment Style: What Is It and Why Is It So Important? Part I: Hsitorical Overview"

Number 27, August 2015, "Everday Forgiveness: Why It Leads to a Liberated Heart and Relationships"

Number 26, July 2015, "Lessons in Forgiveness: From Charleston to the Neuroscience Laboratory"

Number 25, June 2015, "Trauma Is In the Eye of the Beholder, or Why Did Henny Penny Believe Chicken Little?"

Number 24, May 2015, "The World we Want Our Children to Know"

Number 23, April 2015, "Philosophical Discussion With Our Babies: Plato, Aristotle, and Gaa-Gaa-Goo-Goo"

Number 22, March 2015, "A Moment With Grandma: A Story of PACE, Part 2"

Number 21, February 2015, "A Moment with Grandma: A Story of PACE, Part 1"

Number 20, January 2015, "Understanding Temper Tantrums, Part 3: When the 'Tantrum Stage' Persists into Later Life"

Number 19, December 2014, "Understanding Temper Tantrums, Part 2: Responding to the Age-Appropriate Tantrum"

Number 18, November 2014, "Understanding Temper Tantrums, Part 1: Seeing the World from the Child’s Point of View"

Number 17, October 2014, "Empathy, Part 3: Keys to Fostering Empathy in Our Children"

Number 16, September 2014, "Empathy, Part II: Sowing Seeds of Empathy in the Child’s Mind"

Number 15, August 2014, "Empathy: The Magical Pathway to Joyful Relationships. Part 1"

Number 14, July 2014, “What to Call Baby? Names, Nicknames and the Redskins Controversy”

Number 13, June 2014, "East Meets West: The Role of 'Complementary and Alternative Medicine' in the Social and Emotional Health of Children"

Number 12, May 2014, "Good Touch, Bad Touch, No Touch? Knowing What Our Children Need…and Don’t Need, Part 2"

Number 11, April 2014, “Good Touch, Bad Touch, No Touch? Knowing What Our Children Need…and Don’t Need”

Number 10, March 2014, “’Screen’ Time and the Development of Our Children, Part III: Good Screen, Bad Screen”

Number 9, January 2014, "Electronic Technology and the Development of Our Children, Part II: Whose Screen? Whose Time?"

Number 8, September 2013, "Electronic Technology and the Development of Our Children"

Number 7, July 2013, Temperament Part 2: “Is This Really My Kid?” Temperamental Mismatches Between Parent and Child

Number 6, June 2013, "Temperament, Part 1, This Thing Called ‘Temperament’: Why Kids Can Be So Different”

Number 5, May 2013, “Promoting Resilience in Infants and Toddlers, Part II”

Number 4, March 2013, "Promoting Resilience in Our Infants and Toddlers"

Number 3, January 2103, “Lessons from Sandy Hook, and Columbine, and..."

Number 2, October 2012, "Keeping PACE with Our Children: Key Features of an Effective Parenting Style"

Number 1, August 2012, “Children with Developmental Trauma Disorder: What They Lack…What They Need…What We Must Give"